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Welcome to the Bayswater Civic Association

We hold public meetings from September through June at the Bayswater Jewish Center located at 2355 Healy Avenue corner of Dickens Street, Far Rockaway NY 11691.


Some updates (as of March 4, 2023):


Upcoming Meetings:

Next Meeting - Monday, June 17 - 7:00 PM. <= Note new time.

Bayswater Civic Association - Open Meeting - This is our next scheduled meeting.

Our guest speaker will be NYPD First Deputy Commissioner Tania I. Kinsella.

As usual, the meeting will be held at theBayswater Jewish Center -

Dickens Street and Healy Avenue, Far Rockaway 11691

 ===> See our What’s New Page - the City of Yes for the City Planning Commission’s proposed changes to further “improve” Rockaway.

===> If you think that the City of Yes plans are not a good idea, let our council member, Selvena Brooks-Powers, know. Her office phone is 718-471-7014.

Our precinct’s commanding officer, Captain Timothy Schultz generally attends and reports on police activities in the area.  We also expect that our Neighborhood Coordination Officers, Chirstoper Ponce and Mark Kelly, and the NCO Sergeant, Rob Luckmann, will attend.

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Deed Theft

There have been a number of reports of deed theft in the news recently.  Deed theft occurs when someone writes up a document transferring your property and forges your name.  The NYC City Register, part of the Department of Finance, has a program so that you can sign up to receive a notification if any document is filed against your property.  Go to their web site at https://www.nyc.gov/assets/finance/jump/recordingdocs.shtml to register your property.

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  • Selvena Brooks-Powers is the Councilmember representing the eastern portion of the Rockaways.

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Get vaccinated (all 5 shots).  And get tested.  The new booster that protects against the latest strains of the virus is now available for everyone, regardless of age.

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Mail Delivery

Is your mail delivery just plain rotten?  The Postal [non] Service has a program called Informed Delivery.  You can sign up for it here.  You will then receive an e-mail every day telling you what mail to expect.  And you can then go to the web site to report that you did not receive the mail.  That will provide evidence for complaints.

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Other Information

See below for information on the Peninsula Hospital site.

The association’s revised by-laws are available by clicking here.

The latest Rockaway development plans are for the site that was Peninsula Hospital.  There was a hearing on Thursday, July 11, 2019 in Queens Borough Hall and at the City Planning Commission on August 14 on the plans to build 2,200 low income apartments on the site and add 1,500 children to the already overcrowded schools.  Contact Donovan Richards to let him know what you think of the plans.  You can learn more on our What’s New page, and here.

You can learn about the city’s plans to “revitalize” the Village, or “Downtown Far Rockaway” as they call the project that is in process on our What’s New page, here.

Note that the plans don’t do much to revitalize downtown Far Rockaway but do include over 3,000 new housing units in buildings as tall as 15 stories.

If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, send an e-mail with your full name to newsletter@bayswatercivic.org or click here.

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