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Questions and issues involving the Far Rockaway redesign plan.

The Department of Transportation’s presentation to the Community Board 14 Transportation Committee is available here.

1) Pedestrian Safety is an important consideration.

a) Is this more important than traffic flow?

b) How many pedestrian deaths were there in the study area in each of the past ten years?

c) How many pedestrian injuries were there in the study area in each of the past ten years?

d) Of the injuries, how many were serious?

e) Were the incidents spread all over the study area, or only at a few or only one location?

f) Were MUTCD traffic control devices in effect at the location (e.g., traffic control devices at the Mott Avenue / Beach Channel Drive intersection are not NYS MUTCD compliant – the state MUTCD Supplement prohibits lane markings absent signs).

2) What plans are under consideration to link the subway and LIRR tracks, as they were linked in the past?

3) How is it possible to widen the sidewalk and simultaneously maintain or increase the number of traffic lanes?

4) Will all traffic control devices be MUTCD (federal and state) compliant (unlike the current situation)?

5) Will there be NYC Administrative Code compliant pedestrian ramps at all intersections?

a) Indicate those crosswalks where there will not be a separate pedestrian ramp to each crosswalk.

6) What is the advantage of moving busses from a parking lot onto the street?

a) If this is a good idea, when will it be implemented in other areas, such as Parsons Boulevard in Jamaica?

b) Won’t this reduce the number of parking spaces?

7) Public Safety issues.

a) Have the commander and executive officer of the 101st police precinct been consulted about the plans?

b) What is their opinion?

c) Has the FDNY EMS chief for the 47th battalion been consulted?

d) What is his opinion?

e) Have the captains of the FDNY companies located on Central Avenue been consulted?

f) What is their opinion?

8) Lighting.

a) The presentation said that the latest LED lighting would be installed.

b) At other LED lighting installations, there are wide differences in lighting levels directly under the luminaires vs. midway between them.  Will this be the case with the new lighting?

c) What will the lighting level directly under the luminaries vs. midway between them:

i) On the near sidewalk?

ii) In each lane of the roadway?

iii) On the far sidewalk?

iv) How do the above values compare to the existing high pressure sodium lighting?

9) How much of the funding is from federal sources?

a) How much of the funding requires certification of compliance with the federal MUTCD?

b) Who will certify compliance?

c) Is this person a NYS licensed Professional Engineer who is qualified to so certify?

d) Is this person aware of 18 U.S. Code 1001?

e) What will happen if the federal funding does not materialize or is withdrawn?

10) What studies are available of air quality both prior to DOT’s modification of the Henry Barnes era traffic controls, current traffic controls, and traffic controsl that are expected under the proposal?

a) What plans are there to remediate the situation if air quality becomes worse?

11) Trees.

a) What kinds of “trees” or bushes will be planted?

b) Will there be a variety of species?

c) Will there be a variety of heights (e.g., oaks, maples, fruit trees)?

12) Parking.

a) How many parking spaces are there currently on the street?

b) How many parking spaces will there be under the proposed plan?

c) How many spaces will there be in public lots?

d) How many spaces will be available in private lots?

e) In view of the project costs, has the use of eminent domain been considered to make private lots available to the public?

f) Will the public lots be maintained (cleaned regularly, paving repaired, etc.)?

g) Will the public parking under the subway tracks be reclaimed from the Transit Authority?

h) What will be done to insure that commuter vans do not usurp parking or roadway spaces?

i) What will be done to insure that municipal employees (NYPD, FDNY) comply with parking regulations?

j) Will parking meters be operated at cost?

k) What is the cost of operating parking meters?

l) Will DOT sell or abandon any additional parking as it abandoned the Beach 19th Street lot?

13) Bike lanes.

a) Will there be any other bike lanes beside Beach 20th Street?

b) How will bike riders get to and from the Beach 20th Street bike lanes?

c) Will bike lanes on Beach Channel Drive be removed?

14) Will Beach Channel Drive at the NYC / Nassau County line be regraded so that it is passible at high tide in a rain?

15) Will the public park between the library and the firehouse be reclaimed?

a) If it is allowed to remain (unlawfully) as a parking lot, will it be available to the public?