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The revised bylaws will be posted here in the near future.

The next Open Meeting will be on Monday, June 26, 2017 at the Bayswater Jewish Center (corner of Dickens Street and Healy Avenue) – 8 pm.  ?? TBD will be the primary speaker.

The NYC Economic Development Corporation has recommended a plan to “revitalize” Far Rockaway’s Village.  The plan is  to rezone the Thriftway / Food Dynasty shopping center for housing. In fact, the proposal is to rezone the Downtown Far Rockaway area to allow construction of 3,300 additional apartments with less than one parking space per apartment as a way of revitalizing the Village. The plan also calls for selling the existing DOT parking lot / bus depot for housing and moving the buses on to the street.  Finally, the city will make the shopping center an urban renewal area.

he Bayswater Civic Association Board believes that these plans are a serious mistake.

You can find all of the documents on both sides at http://solutionsny.nyc/downtownfarrock.html.

The Community Board created an Ad Hoc Downtown Far Rockaway Committee to study the proposals.  You can read their recommendations here.

The City Planning Commission heard public comments on the plan on Wednesday, May 24 when we provided testimony explaining why the plan should not be adopted.

 The City Planning Commission has the real power.  You can read our submission to them here.  

If you wish, you can provide your comments to the Commission by clicking here.  We strongly urge you to submit comments.  You can write up to 500 characters directly on their web page, otherwise you can submit a Microsoft Word document or a PDF file.  Note that the web site is not the fastest that you will find.  Have patience.  Most of the answers to the questions are obvious.  After you enter the Borough (click on the drop down), you will have to enter the project.  Just click on the drop down and select Downtown Far Rockaway.  We believe that the deadline for comment submission is early next week.

If you have any problems submitting comments, send an e-mail to falik@solutionsNY.nyc or call 718-327-6370

We urge you to also write to your elected officials.  You can find a sample letter and addresses here.

Additional questions about DOT’s plans to reconstruct downtown Far Rockaway - click here.