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Welcome to the Bayswater Civic Association

We hold public meetings from September through June at the Bayswater Jewish Center located at 2355 Healy Avenue corner of Dickens Street, Far Rockaway NY 11691.

Our last Open Meeting was on Monday, December 18, 2017 at the Bayswater Jewish Center (corner of Dickens Street and Healy Avenue) – 8 pm.

Detective Mike Depace, the precinct’s crime prevention officer and Police Officer Matthew Schiff were the primary speakers. In an earlier life, officer Schiff was involved in video installations for the MTA.

They to discussed:

  • placement and aim of the cameras.
  • appropriate number of cameras.
  • “cloud” recording vs. home DVR.
  • Wi-Fi vs. wired cameras and types of wiring.
  • and finally, costs.

Our precinct’s previous executive officer, Captain Courtney Nilan has been promoted to the command of the 102nd precinct.

In addition, the precinct is trying to develop a database of people who have cameras in the area so that if a crime occurs, they know who to seek help from without having to canvas the entire area. If you have a video system you can provide the information to the precinct in an e-mail, or send an e-mail to cameras@bayswatercivic.org. Please include your address, name, e-mail and phone number(s). Cell phone numbers are especially valuable since when a crime occurs, time may be of the essence. Multiple numbers are fine (and preferred). Multiple contact names are good too.

We will also had a presentation Brittany Bye of Urban Upbound. She will describe their new campus in Far Rockaway and the services that they provide. Some of these are resume writing, interview skills, career counseling, job opportunity information and financial services including how to reduce debt, improve credit, increase savings as well as tax preparation.

The association’s revised by-laws are available by clicking here.

The city’s plans to “revitalize” the Village, or “Downtown Far Rockaway” as they call the project have received final approval.  You can learn more about these plans on our What’s New page, here.  The BCA Board feels that the plans are mistaken.

Questions about the city’s plans to reconstruct downtown Far Rockaway - click here.  And the Community Board’s Ad Hoc Committee reccomendations here.  For more information, go to What’s New.

Note that the plans as presented on Tuesday, September 20 don’t do much to revitalize downtown Far Rockaway but do include over 3,000 new housing units in buildings as tall as 15 stories.  Make your voice heard!

If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, send an e-mail with your full name to newsletter@bayswatercivic.org or click here.